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Our Adolescent & Teen Academic Program

At Guardian Recovery, our adolescent academic program is designed to support teens in their recovery journey while addressing their academic needs. Education is a vital component of an all-encompassing treatment plan that also includes traditional therapies and other services. By combining addiction and mental health treatment with customized learning approaches, this program is intended to provide teens with the tools and skills they need to maintain sobriety, achieve emotional stability, and celebrate educational accomplishments.

Adolescent Education During Substance Misuse Treatment

We understand that your teen’s education should not be neglected during treatment, as it plays a significant role in the overall recovery process and their ability to smoothly reenter the real world. Helping them transition after treatment can reduce their stress as they prepare to return to school after a prolonged absence.

Our Approach to Supporting Your Child’s Education & Schooling

Our approach to continuing your teen’s education is centered around collaboration and communication among all individuals, professionals, and educators involved. We will work with both you and your teen’s school to build a coordinated and extensive support system. In doing so, we can address any difficulties or concerns that arise and make adjustments to their program if needed. We aim to give your teen a seamless academic experience that helps them develop lifelong learning skills that can help them be successful in their future endeavors.

Guardian Adolescent provides teens with a dedicated classroom where they engage in our academic program for two hours a day, Monday through Friday. An instructor will monitor internet access and answer any questions that arise during schooling sessions. Because teens receive treatment full-time for between 30 and 90 days, they are not able to continue with standard schooling. 

However, we develop homeschooling plans that allow teens to remain enrolled in the courses they were taking at their middle or high school. If it is not possible to do so, we offer accessible learning options, and they are able to participate in our academic program and transfer the credits back to their schools. 

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Individual Learning Plans & Maintaining Academic Progress

Individualized education plans (IEPs), sometimes referred to as individualized learning plans (ILPs), identify specific education goals and support services to address your teen’s academic needs and challenges while also helping them progress in their recovery.

Components of IEPs Include:

  • Assessing the teen’s needs, challenges, and strengths.
  • Establishing goals and objectives based on assessment findings.
  • Developing individualized strategies to meet educational and recovery goals.
  • Providing a flexible curriculum adapted to the teen’s needs.
  • Offering support services, such as access to tutors, therapists, and mentors.
  • Monitoring progress to track the teen’s academic and recovery achievements.
  • Developing a transition plan back to the teen’s school.
  • Collaborating with those involved with the teen’s education and recovery.
  • Employing a holistic approach by taking into account the emotional and social aspects of their lives as well as their academic needs.

Our teen clients are given a regular daily schedule of two dedicated hours of classroom time, Monday through Friday. 

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Collaboration With Schools & Curriculums

Collaboration with schools and curriculums with each teen’s school, educators, treatment providers, parents, and others throughout the IEP/ILP process is critical to their success. Regular meetings and updates ensure that all concerned parties are working together to support the teen’s academic and recovery efforts and overall well-being.

Tailoring Education to Your Teen’s Treatment Goals

Although teens tend to share many characteristics common to their age group, individually, they can be very different. Therefore, your teen’s education in a recovery program should be tailored to their treatment needs and academic goals. Our experienced educators collaborate with our clinical team to ensure their academic goals are incorporated seamlessly into the treatment process. 

Facilitating the Transition Back to School After Treatment

We will work closely with your teen’s home school to develop a customized reintegration plan that includes ongoing support and monitoring. We aim to ensure they have the necessary strategies and resources in place to successfully navigate their educational path after treatment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to contact us if you have questions or concerns about your child’s continued education during treatment. You are also encouraged to review the answers to our FAQs.

Although there may be some challenges and adjustments, with proper planning and support, your teen can continue their education while focusing on their recovery goals. Furthermore, ongoing evaluations can identify any areas in which your teen requires additional support to prevent them from falling behind academically.

With your permission, we will work closely with your child’s school so they are aware of their treatment and maintain open communication and cooperation with their educators.

Our team will communicate regularly with their educators and coordinate any necessary support services or resources. We’ll also share information about the teen’s progress and discuss any potential modifications to their academic plan.

Our team consists of educational specialists who provide support tailored to your teen’s needs and help them navigate academic challenges effectively. They can also work with their school to develop a plan to address any learning disabilities during and after treatment.

We provide access to textbooks, technology, and other academic resources, as these methods of learning are often critical to the teen’s success and ensure they have the resources necessary to continue their education while in treatment.

We work closely with schools to create a plan for ongoing support to ensure they experience a smooth transition back into an academic setting. The goal is to minimize any interruptions in your child’s education and help them navigate the social challenges and triggers they may encounter upon returning to school.

Regular communication between our treatment team and school faculty allows us to share updates on your teen’s progress and potential needs for adjustments to their education plan. Evaluations may also be conducted to track the teen’s growth and identify any areas that may require intervention.

This program will be customized to meet your teen’s needs, goals, interests, and preferences by assessing their current academic abilities and identifying potential areas for improvement. The goal is to create a customized plan that concentrates on their specific needs and takes into account their preferred method of learning.

Drug Use Statistics in Teens

If your teen has been misusing alcohol or drugs, they are by no means alone. The National Center for Drug Abuse Statistics (NCDAS) (1) and the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse (CASA) survey (2) conducted by Columbia University recently gathered data regarding drug and alcohol use among teens.

Findings Include:

  • At least one in every eight U.S. teenagers engaged in past-year illicit drug misuse.
  • From 2016 to 2020, substance use among 8th graders increased by 61%.
  • By the 12th grade, nearly two-thirds (62%) of teens had misused alcohol.
  • Half of all teens reported misusing a drug at least once in their lifetime. 
  • Most (86%) of teens knew of a classmate who smoked, drank alcohol, or used drugs during the school day. 
  • About 17% of high school students use alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs during the school day.
  • Nearly two-thirds (60%) of high school students reported that drugs were available on school grounds.
  • 44% know a classmate who sells drugs at school. 

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Reach out to us today to learn more about how our tailored academic programs can benefit your teen’s educational journey while also allowing them to focus on their recovery. Our team of experienced therapists and educators is committed to promoting a supportive and nurturing environment that encourages growth and achievement. Our goal is to ensure your child is provided with the guidance and resources necessary for their educational development.

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