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Guardian Recovery Opens Montville Adolescent Center to Treat Substance Use Disorder in Towaco, New Jersey.

For Immediate Release — Guardian Recovery is pleased to announce the opening of Montville Adolescent Center in Towaco, New Jersey, bringing much-needed substance use disorder (SUD) treatment to Morris Township.

Montville Adolescent Center provides treatment to adolescents between the ages of 13 and 17 with a single diagnosis of SUD or a dual diagnosis of SUD and mental health issues. 

“Substance abuse and behavioral health issues are often intertwined,” said Colleen Wagner, Clinical Director of Montville Adolescent Center. “If someone is struggling with both diseases, it’s vital to treat them simultaneously. Addressing one and not the other is a recipe for failure.”

The brand-new facility offers a comprehensive range of services tailored to the unique needs of adolescent clients, including effective, age-specific medical detoxification and residential treatment.

“Guardian Recovery Montville Adolescent Center provides evidence-based therapies, academic support, and a safe, nurturing environment overseen by a team of experienced adolescent professionals,” said Wagner. “The environment we have created encourages personal growth and healing.”

Fulfilling A Need in Morris Township

The 21-bed facility fills a vital need for adolescent substance use and behavioral health treatment in northeastern New Jersey.

According to a 2019 survey of middle school students in Morris Township by the New Jersey Department of Human Services, 2.3% of students reported using illicit drugs other than marijuana and prescription drugs not prescribed to them in the previous 12 months. Those drugs included cocaine or crack, heroin (opiates), hallucinogens (PCP, LSD), crystal meth (ice, crank), Ecstasy (MDMA, Molly), other club drugs (ketamine, GHB, Rohypnol), uppers (amphetamines), downers (tranquilizers, sedatives), anabolic steroids, and OxyContin. More than 44% reported feeling sad, empty, or depressed in the past year.

Developed Especially for Adolescents

The two-story building has private and semi-private rooms for girls on the first floor and for boys on the second. Detox beds are also located on the second floor in close proximity to the nursing station. The facility has boys’ and girls’ lounges with televisions, a game room, gym facilities, and a dining room.

“While days are very structured and include individual and group, creative arts, mindfulness, other therapies, and academic time,” said Wagner, “clients have time to watch TV, hang out, and play games. We also schedule movie nights and game nights to encourage informal interaction.”

Around the Clock Care

The Montville Adolescent Center is staffed by clinical and administrative professionals skilled in adolescent care. The medical care team, which includes a Medical Director, a Nurse Practitioner (NP), and nurses, oversees the detoxification program.

“Our Medical Director and NP monitor our clients closely, ensuring they remain stable and as comfortable as possible,” said Wagner. “Nurses are on duty 24/7 to monitor clients in detox and to alert the NP or physician of any changes in their condition.”

Montville uses medication-assisted treatment (MAT) during the detox process. Medications are carefully prescribed and assessed to stabilize detox symptoms. Once clients are medically stable, they progress to residential care, where they address the psychological aspects of addiction. Residential programs last approximately 28 days.

A Focus on Family Involvement

Addiction affects the person with the substance use disorder and everyone around them. The strain caused by drug abuse can divide peaceful, loving homes. Conflict becomes normal as family members fight to engage with a child who may act erratically. Trust begins to erode, and communication becomes more difficult.

Montville Adolescent Center includes the family in a teen’s recovery from the very beginning. Each client is assigned a case manager and a counselor who meets with them at least weekly and acts as a liaison between the teen and their family. 

“We offer family counseling and education to help parents, grandparents, legal guardians, and siblings gain an understanding of substance use and the importance of setting boundaries,” said Wagner. “By participating in counseling together, families can heal and create an environment that is safe for all and supports long-term recovery.”

A Commitment to Care

Like other members of the Guardian Recovery family, Montville Adolescent Center was founded with the client experience in mind. Guardian is invested in providing the quality addiction treatment services youth in Morris Township and beyond need to make a lasting recovery and heal from the devastation of substance dependence.

“We are committed to helping our clients overcome obstacles while developing the skills they need to thrive in their daily lives,” said Wagner. “We want the teens that come into our care and their families to heal, become emotionally stronger, and look to the future with hope.”

About Montville Adolescent Center

Guardian Recovery Montville Adolescent Center is a trusted haven for adolescents and their families seeking compassionate and expert care for addiction treatment and behavioral challenges. Located in the heart of Towaco, New Jersey, this dedicated facility offers a comprehensive range of services tailored to the unique needs of adolescents.

About Guardian Recovery

Guardian Recovery addiction treatment centers have been increasing access to effective treatment options for over 15 years, actively combating rising numbers of overdose fatalities nationwide. Having become a national leader in substance use disorder treatment, Guardian continues to refine their client-focused approach to recovery, changing lives permanently and for the better.

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