Guardian Recovery Network has partnered with Sober Peer to increase access to effective addiction treatment nationwide.

As a national leader in substance use and mental health recovery, Guardian Recovery Network remains committed to exploring new, innovative ways to improve outcomes of traditional addiction treatment, while focusing their attention on longer term care.

Expanding access to effective, evidence-based treatments for those with substance use disorders is critical to reducing the growing number of accidental, drug-related fatalities across the country and improving overall quality of life for those with addiction and co-occurring issues.

Sober Peer is a phone application that offers ongoing recovery support, first developed in the context of comprehensive aftercare. Guardian chose to partner with Sober Peer because they were seeking a robust platform that would allow the opportunity to continue care post-discharge in an organized way.

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About Sober Peer

In the context of the Guardian Recovery Network program, Sober Peer serves two distinctive functions. First, the technology serves those who have recently completed an in-person treatment program and who are transitioning into the aftercare stage of the recovery process.

Alumni are never more than a click away from help, whether they are feeling anxious, need to chat with a counselor, or return for more in-depth care. It also offers a place for alumni to give back to others as part of a supportive community that helps fuel positive life change.

Secondly, the application offers virtual addiction counseling to those who require some degree of treatment but who are unwilling or unable to commit to a traditional, in-person program.

Mark Cole, Sober Peer’s Chief Operating Officer, adds, “Sober Peer was created to connect people into communities of care. We’re proud to partner with market leaders like Guardian Recovery Network to redefine client expectations for long-term support and success.

Sober Peer’s platform enables Guardian to build and sustain a long-term, supportive recovery and wellness community. This program builds on the counselor and peer relationships forged during the treatment process. We also know that isolation is the enemy of recovery, so this program offers simple, engaging ways for people in recovery to belong and be connected.”

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Sober Peer & Guardian Recovery Network

When a client first enters a Guardian Recovery Network treatment program, they are introduced to Sober Peer by way of on-site kiosks within the center. Once a client discharges and receives their mobile device, they are set up with the application and walked through its functions.

The technology gives us the ability to continue engaging with past clients. The intention is to regularly deliver helpful and relevant content surrounding the three pillars of health: nutrition, sleep, and exercise. The content of the app doesn’t simply focus on not drinking and not using drugs; there will be plenty of content surrounding that as well, but Guardian is dedicated to taking a whole-health approach to long-term recovery.

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Guardian Virtual — Further Increasing Access to Care

Recently, Guardian Recovery Network launched a virtual intensive outpatient (IOP) program in Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont. Soon, they will be further rolling out virtual programming to New Jersey, Florida, and Colorado. Sober Peer provides access to Guardian’s Virtual IOP Program.

The convenience and accessibility of virtual programming appeals to those who require continued care but are unwilling to attend residential treatment or commit to an in-person IOP.

“We have hand-selected some of the best group facilitators in the states that we serve. Our goal is to make the access point as advantageous as possible so those who are looking for convenient and effective care can immediately receive what they are looking for. Partnering with Sober Peer presented us with an opportunity to give our clients some skills and tools we hadn’t been able to offer them previously. In order to hold yourself accountable to the outcome of a chronic condition, these tools need to be present.”


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Disclaimer: Does not guarantee specific treatment outcomes, as individual results may vary. Our services are not a substitute for professional medical advice or diagnosis; please consult a qualified healthcare provider for such matters.


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