What Is Crystal Meth Anonymous (CMA)?

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Crystal meth is a powerful stimulant substance that can lead to addiction. Crystal meth is a type of methamphetamine that resembles glass fragments or shiny bluish-white rocks. (1) Crystal meth can be ingested through smoking, swallowing a pill, snorting, or intravenous injections. (2) The high associated with crystal meth starts and ends quickly, making the drug more susceptible to individuals taking multiple doses at one time or binging. (3) During these binges, an individual may give up eating and sleeping while engaging in crystal meth use for days at a time.

Short-term effects associated with crystal meth use include: (4)

  • Increased wakefulness.
  • Increased engagement in physical activity.
  • Faster breathing.
  • Irregular or fast heart rate.
  • Elevated body temperature.
  • Elevated blood pressure.

In 2021, approximately 2.5 million individuals, 12 years of age or older,  reportedly engaged in methamphetamine use. (5) During the same year, approximately 1.6 million individuals were diagnosed with methamphetamine use disorder. (6) Here at Guardian Recovery, we are dedicated to helping reduce these statistics through evidence-based practices. With comprehensive treatment options, we can help you or a loved one develop adaptive coping techniques to help reach and maintain sobriety. Contact us today to learn more information.

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The 12 Steps of the Crystal Meth Anonymous (CMA) Program

What is Crystal Meth Anonymous? Crystal Meth Anonymous, or CMA, is a 12-step peer support group for individuals experiencing crystal meth addiction or dependency. Each step focuses on specific principles for individuals to reach and maintain sobriety. The 12 steps are followed as a guide by each member.

The 12 steps of Crystal Meth Anonymous include: (7)

  1. Admittance – This step focuses on admitting that crystal meth has contributed to making an individual’s life unmanageable and that they are powerless to their addiction.
  2. Faith – This step focuses on believing that a greater power can help an individual overcome their substance use.
  3. Surrendering – This step focuses on giving their power over to a higher power of their understanding.
  4. Soul searching – This step focuses on an individual understanding how their crystal meth use affected themself and those around them..
  5. Integrity– This step focuses on admitting to oneself, a higher power, and others the exact nature of their wrongs and indiscretions.
  6. Acceptance – This step focuses on accepting and allowing a higher power to remove character flaws and deficits that may contribute to crystal meth use.
  7. Humility – This step focuses on humbly asking a higher power to remove the individual’s shortcomings.
  8.  Willingness – This step focuses on making a list of all the people who were harmed during the individual’s crystal meth use.
  9. Forgiveness – This step focuses on making amends with those who were affected by the individual’s crystal meth use,  as long as it does not cause them any harm.
  10. Maintenance – This step focuses on admitting when one is wrong in order to maintain progress.
  11. Making contact – This step focuses on discovering the plan that a higher power may have over one’s life.
  12. Service – This step focuses on using the principles discussed in the 12 steps throughout their lives and sharing the techniques with others experiencing crystal meth addiction.

Though there is focus on a higher being throughout the 12 steps of CMA, the program is not affiliated with any religious organization. CMA focuses on spirituality, and individuals with all beliefs are welcomed.

Who Are These Meetings For?

CMA meetings are for individuals experiencing addiction and dependency to crystal meth. The only requirement for attending a CMA meeting is the desire to stop engaging in crystal meth use. It is completely free to attend a meeting. Meetings are held weekly.

Who Are CMA Meetings Run By?

CMA meetings are run by individuals who are recovering crystal meth users. This makes the program special as those who are running the meetings understand first hand what crystal meth addiction is like and how it can negatively impact an individual’s life.

How Do CMA Meetings Help Those With Addiction?

CMA meetings help individuals experiencing methamphetamine use disorder by providing them with a safe place to share their experiences. CMA helps individuals gain insight on their substance use and gain the strength to maintain sobriety. Individuals form bonds with other members which gives them the ability to hold each other accountable. Members are also assigned sponsors, or an individual who is also a recovering crystal meth user. Sponsors help guide members throughout the entire process.

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What Happens When Attending a Group Meeting?

Different meetings focus on different topics. Some meetings may focus on themes associated with recovery or an issue specifically related to crystal meth use. Members may discuss how crystal meth use affected their mind, body, relationships, and other important areas of their life. Members also discuss different ways that they have reached and maintained sobriety.

Crystal Meth Anonymous Meetings Compared to Rehabilitation

CMA does differ a bit from rehabilitation programs. Rehabilitation programs are usually led by counselors, physicians, or other clinical providers. A rehabilitation center often includes detoxification servicestherapeutic activities, and aftercare planning. Detoxification services in a rehabilitation program are supervised by a medical professional, which is crucial for the successful recovery of certain substances.

How Do You Find CMA Meetings?

CMA meetings can be found directly on their website. CMA meetings can be found in 48 states within the United States.

CMA meetings in Florida can be found HERE. (8)

A full  list of CMA meetings can be found HERE. (9)

Virtual & Hybrid Meetings

CMA meetings may not be available in some areas. Fortunately, there are online and phone meetings available during all hours of the day. This makes attending a CMA meeting an option for those unable to attend in-person meetings. Virtual and hybrid meetings follow the same steps as in-person CMA meetings.

Virtual and hybrid CMA meetings can be found HERE. (10)

CMA Anonymous Resources

The CMA website offers different resources that can be helpful for meetings, and group resources.

CMA resources for meetings can be found HERE. (11)

CMA group resources can be found HERE. (12)

12-Step Mentorship at Guardian Recovery

Guardian Recovery offers a 12-step mentoring program. We can match you with a 12-step contact who is knowledgeable and has personally worked through the 12 steps. 12-step contacts help guide individuals through the 12 step process. Contact us to learn more about our 12-step mentorship program.

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