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Every year, thousands of individuals decide to seek substance use treatment for an addictive disorder (1). With treatment facilities more abundant than ever, many people are able to receive the help that they may desperately need. Overcoming a life-controlling substance use disorder can be a difficult journey, but a helpful solution for many is seeking treatment locally. Now more than ever, quality substance use treatment facilities are closer and available locally. Though they are not a guarantee for success, there are significant benefits to choosing a substance use treatment facility that is nearby.

Guardian Recovery is a welcomed solution for those who are seeking local substance use treatment. With a nationwide network of quality facilities, we are able to provide world class treatment without the extensive travel. You are able to contact Guardian Recovery now to speak with an admissions representative. They will be able to answer any questions that you may have about the programs offered as well as providing the information necessary to make your choice to enter treatment as easy as possible. Call Guardian Recovery today and begin your journey to freedom from addiction.

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Reduced Barriers to Accessing Treatment

For many, the distance away from home can be an enormous hurdle to overcome. When deciding on a treatment facility, the idea of being far away from supportive loved ones causes many to hesitate. Seeking a local treatment facility is an excellent way to overcome this barrier. Though there may be other obstacles to overcome, having your treatment needs met locally can provide the necessary love as support for your loved one to persevere on their pathway to freedom from addiction.

Benefits of Being Close to Home With a Support Network

Participating in substance use treatment can often be a difficult process for participants. Speaking daily about vulnerable topics is both necessary to the treatment process, but also uncomfortable. This presents a wonderful opportunity for a support network. As your loved one bravely confronts life controlling issues, supportive networks are able to give the care, encouragement, and support required for this journey. Some important ways that local support networks can help are:

  • Encouraging phone conversations.
  • Face to face visits when possible.
  • Providing appropriate supplies (toiletries, books, snacks, etc.).

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The Role of Family & Community Support in Addiction Recovery

Knowing that a supportive family is behind then can make all the difference to someone in treatment. Family members providing love and support to the participant makes up an important portion of their support system. Often programs will offer the opportunity of family group therapy sessions during the treatment process and family participation sends a message of love and support to the main participant.

Community & Relationships in Local Addiction Treatment

Another important element in a complete support system is the community and relationships that they are able to have while in treatment. Having local community support helps to remove the shame and stigma that many carry as they begin to address their addiction. Seeing support rather than judgment or condemnation from community members helps provide much needed encouragement to the program participant.

Access to Aftercare Services & Ongoing Support

A vital step in the treatment process is aftercare (2). Aftercare is what bridges the gap between a one time event of treatment and a permanent lifestyle change. A solid aftercare plan will help provide the support and momentum for the participant’s probability of lasting change. Local treatment facilities provide the benefit of local aftercare. Program participants have the ability to participate in a quality aftercare program without the added stress of an unknown environment or relationships.

Flexibility of Local Outpatient Addiction Treatment Programs

Whether a part of aftercare or a stand alone level of treatment, outpatient programs (3) can offer a multitude of benefits that residential programs cannot. Participants are able to live in their own home and, more often than not, resume a functioning daily life of family and work responsibilities. This is especially beneficial to those participants who live locally. Continuing to work and take care of already existing responsibilities can make the transition to long term recovery seamless.

Reduced Costs of Local Addiction Treatment

An added bonus of local treatment options is their cost efficiency. When a treatment facility requires travel, oftentimes the participant will not want to go alone. Similarly, family and friends will often wish to accompany the participant to begin their treatment process. If treatment requires travel, the multiple people involved paying for airfare, lodging, and resources throughout their travel time adds up quickly. The same expense is often doubled when the same support system travels to pick their loved one up for treatment. Local treatment options alleviate this financial burden from loved ones and allows them to focus on the program participant as their priority.

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Insurance Coverage & Payment Options Available Locally

Often, local treatment options will offer more flexible payment options. These can include acceptance of localized or regional insurance as well as existing relationships with local financial institutions. The ability to remove the financial burden of treatment can often make a major difference since the friends and family of the program participant will now be able to offer proper emotional support without financial distractions.

Though it can seem overwhelming at times, a guaranteed way to ensure that your loved one will receive quality treatment is by contacting Guardian Recovery. Our highly trained clinical and medical professionals have years of experience meeting the highest standards of substance use treatment available. With options nationwide, local quality substance use treatment is just one phone call away. Call Guardian Recovery today.


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